Moving Forward Can Be Scary, But It’s So Worth It

Feeling stuck at the ledge? Try this.

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This read isn’t for everyone. This is for those who know they are on the cusp of something exciting but they’re holding back because they know they are liable to set the roof on fire (figuratively, hopefully).

It’s tough addressing this because quite frankly we’re speaking about the middle. The process, or at least a huge step in the process many of us freeze on. We’re talking about the leap here people. This is the moment they tell you about. The electricity is there you just have to turn the light on.

What Leap?

This could me asking someone on a date, taking that next step in entrepreneurship, or finally investing. Following hunches in general can be scary. In my personal life there have been many MANY a times where what was on the other side seemed too good to be true so I just shut down and did what I could to shut that voice out telling me to keep going. Why? No different than the typical reasons we don’t go after what we want. Fear, anxiety, yada yada. You’re always told not to wait, to seize the moment when it arises.

That damn tiny voice

That’s right. You must seize the moment when it arises because it may not come again. Yet when we speak about moving forward, this is where the dilemma comes for many (okay, just me?). The moments I didn’t seize, I’m reminded of by that tiny voice in my head. The “where would you be if you acted then” comes in to ruin my ambition. Moving forward means not only acting on what’s in front of you, but it also means accepting a courage you may not have had in the past.

All you need is one?

There are many opportunities for success. I used to tell myself “All you need is one”. By “one” I meant one opportunity, one look, one win. Now I’m questioning that way of thinking. Because for me, focusing on “that one” can turn into putting too much stock into this thing I’m doing being “it” and being disappointed if it doesn’t go as planned. No, all you need is to do all you can, allow the possibility for you to see success on multiple fronts, not just that thing you always told yourself you were good at.

So Now What?

If you’re aware of the ways you’ve been limiting yourself, now’s the time to make adjustments towards what you expect the outcome to be. Detachment is one of those words I don’t really be trying to hear because it takes effort for me to become detached from something I really want to see work. However, getting to a place where I have multiple avenues of possibility is better than being hyper focused on one. This will take time but it’s in my opinion more fulfilling than being emotionally tied to one thing to the detriment of your peace and ambition.

Modern Emcee out!



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